Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Two-Shot: The Apartment and Joe's Apartment!

Billy Wilder’s "The Apartment" is often called one of the best motion pictures ever produced, and with good cause! It’s a brilliantly funny and emotional motion picture, with important things to say about living with moral compromise in a complex modern world. 

So why, oh why is it the perfect double feature with the legendarily gross and awful singing cockroach MTV comedy "Joe's Apartment?" You'll find out in this week's episode of THE TWO-SHOT!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Critically Acclaimed #75: Hellboy, Missing Link and 10 Films That Deserve Their Own Cult!

Film critics talk a lot about "cult movies," but what the heck is a cult movie? How do obscure and unpopular films find an audience, what are the classics of the genre (if you can call it that) and where can you find them, anyway? 

William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold explain the phenomenon and recommend ten films that don't have a cult following, but might finally have by the time we're done with this week's CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED! 

And hey, we've also got reviews of the new releases "Hellboy," "Missing Link," "Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy" and "Mary Magdalene!"

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William Bibbiani Reviews 'Devon's Ghost: Legend of the Bloody Boy'

[The following article was sponsored and assigned by our Patreon subscriber Kevin Klawitter. To learn how to sponsor and assign articles to William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold for publication at Critically Acclaimed, visit our Patreon page.] 

You know that feeling when you’re watching a pretty bad slasher movie and halfway through it turns into a pretty good “Power Rangers” episode?

Of course you don’t… because you’ve never seen “Devon’s Ghost.”

Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Randomizer: 'The Vampire Diaries: Episode 4.18 - American Gothic'

Nobody has time to watch everything, but what if you only had time to watch ONE episode of a popular, long-running series? And what if that episode was chosen completely at random?

THE RANDOMIZER is a very special bonus podcast, exclusively for Canceled Too Soon patrons, in which William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold review just one random episode of show they've never seen, guided by a super fan of the series!

In the latest random episode of The Randomizer, Bibbs and Witney are joined by their Patreon subscriber Topher White to discuss "The Vampire Diaries," episode 4.18, "American Gothic." It's a series that William Bibbiani thought was literally about a woman finding a vampire's diary. Let's find out how wrong he was!

THE RANDOMIZER is now available on the Canceled Too Soon Patreon. So head on over and subscribe!

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Photo: The CW

Friday, April 12, 2019

William Bibbiani Reviews 'Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy'

The 'Ip Man' franchise carries on without its hero in 'Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy," a spin-off which follows the real-life martial arts master's antagonist from 'Ip Man 3,' instead of the title character. Cheung Tin Chi (Zhang Jin, "Pacific Rim: Uprising") has given up fighting but gets dragged into a complex crime story involving opium dealing, corrupt policemen and Hong Kong nightclubs in a kung fu action thriller co-starring Michelle Yeah, Dave Bautista and Tony Jaa.

In his review of "Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy" at The Wrap, William Bibbiani praises the film's production design and choreography but calls the film a "step down" for the series, arguing that "following the three 'Ip Man' movies with 'Master Z' is a bit like following the first three 'Rocky' movies with 'The Fast and the Furious.'"

Read: William Bibbiani Reviews 'Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy' at The Wrap

Photo: Well Go USA

Witney Seibold Reviews 'Hellboy' and 'Missing Link' on KCRW

Witney Seibold guest stars on "Press Play With Madeleine Brand" with fellow critic Katie Walsh, where they review the new releases "Hellboy," "Missing Link," "Teen Spirit" and "Little."

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Photos: Lionsgate / LAIKA

Canceled Too Soon #144: Probe (1988)

Isaac Asimov co-created a television series about solving sci-fi murders?! Why the heck hasn't everyone heard of PROBE?!

Parker Stevenson from "Baywatch" stars as super-scientist Austin James, who along with his secretary Mickey (Ashley Crow) gets invited to all kinds of strange crime scenes, with killer A.I. elevators, sci-fi writers who get all their best ideas from alien balls of lightning, and hyper-intelligent apes!

How the heck did PROBE get canceled, and was it really too soon? William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold explore this forgotten cult series in the latest episode of... CANCELED TOO SOON!

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