Friday, September 1, 2023

The Critically Acclaimed Network Lives On!

Hello everybody, and thank you for listening to The Critically Acclaimed Network!

Don't worry: We're not going to stop making podcasts anytime soon. We just need to give you an update about the website you're currently reading.

When we started this website it was supposed to be a hub for our episode links, but it never had the very best navigation, and as we've migrated from one podcast server to another, the old links here stopped working, and so eventually we put this part of Critically Acclaimed on hiatus.

As we decide how to update this space and make it more convenient and exciting, we encourage anyone who still uses to listen to our older podcasts to use RedCircle instead, where you can both download them and enjoy them in your browser.

RedCircle is our current main podcast feed (after we moved from Libsyn), and it's also what populates our podcast feed at all the major podcast distributors. 

So if you listen to our shows on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other services of that ilk, nothing has changed for you! RedCircle took over those feeds a long time ago, and the majority of our extensive library of podcasts (except for a few earlier episodes we don't have the right to republish, because they were part of another network) are available there.

After a while this website may go offline completely as we redesign it, so before that happens, if you're still using this publication, make sure you head on over to RedCircle to access our shows instead! We'll make an announcement when it's time to unveil anything new in this space.

Thanks for listening!