Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Critically Acclaimed #232 | Three Thousand Years of Longing, Samaritan, The Invitation, I Came By, Gigi & Nate, Me Time, Honk for Jesus Save Your Soul, Burial

William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold catch up with the newest releases, including George Miller's fantasy THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING, the Sylvester Stallone superhero film SAMARITAN, the horror film THE INVITATION, the Netflix thriller I CAME BY, the helper monkey drama GIGI & NATE, the Netflix advertisement ME TIME, the Peacock comedy HONK FOR JESUS. SAVE YOUR SOUL., and the World War II action thriller BURIAL

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Three Thousand Years of Longing - 3:58 
Samaritan - 23:09 
The Invitation - 40:50 
I Came By - 49:38
Gigi & Nate - 1:03:00
Me Time - 1:10:37
Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. - 1:22:32
Burial - 1:30:55
Review Round-Up - 1:38:12! 

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