Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Critically Acclaimed #209 | Ivan Reitman, The Oscars, Death on the Nile, Compartment Number 6, Marry Me, KIMI, The Sky is Everywhere

This week on CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED, film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold review Kenneth Branagh's all-star murder mystery DEATH ON THE NILE, the award-winning international drama COMPARTMENT NUMBER 6, the Jennifer Lopez/Owen Wilson rom-com MARRY ME, Steven Soderbergh's techno-thriller KIMI, and Josephine Decker's YA drama THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE

Plus, Bibbs and Witney look over this year's ACADEMY AWARD nominations and say goodbye to the late, great IVAN REITMAN.

Give it a listen!

Ivan Reitman - 1:21  
Oscar Nominations - 16:36  
Death on the Nile - 40:00  
Compartment Number 6 - 56:53  
Marry Me - 1:04:47  
KIMI - 1:16:25  
The Sky is Everywhere - 1:27:52  
Review Round-Up - 1:35:30

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