Monday, February 28, 2022

Critically Acclaimed #210 | Texas Chainsaw Massacre, No Exit, Dog, The Cursed, Studio 666, Hellbender, Family Squares, A Banquet

This week on CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED, film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold have a little catching up to do, and review the new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, the Hulu thriller NO EXIT, the Channing Tatum drama DOG, the werewolf thriller THE CURSED, the Foo Fighters horror comedy STUDIO 666, the witch drama HELLBENDER, the Zoom drama FAMILY SQUARES, and the religious drama A BANQUET

Give it a listen!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 2:43 
No Exit - 30:13 
Dog - 43:13 
The Cursed - 53:06 
Studio 666 - 1:00:24 
Hellbender - 1:10:44 
Family Squares - 1:18:25 
A Banquet - 1:26:56 
Review Round-Up - 1:34:18

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  1. Boyd Holbrook was terrific in The Cursed. Good monster movie. Although we who love our werewolf movies love the lore, it's nice to see the lore upended a bit. The whole idea that it starts as a cursed set of silver werewolf teeth that can overtake a person and inflict the actual curse of the monster on the person who gets bitten is a new take. (The teeth-bearers are not infected, themselves) And the physiology of the creature itself is very different. Like Witney said, it doesn't really look like a werewolf, but is a shapeshifter with very alien mode of possessing the infected. I was simultaneously missing the common lore and admiring the new one.

  2. The family that made "Hellbender" also made a terrific movie called "The Deeper You Dig". Also, I don't agree with Whitny about the ending of "Hellbender". Perhaps it's a little more predictable than the rest of the movie but I don't think it killed the movie. I LOVE this family of horror movie makers. I'll watch anything they make. Great review, Whitny!