Monday, December 20, 2021

Critically Acclaimed #102 | Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Lost Daughter, The Novice, Swan Song, Nightmare Alley, Drive My Car

This week on CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED, film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold review SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME, Maggie Gyllenhaal's directorial debut THE LOST DAUGHTER, Lauren Hadaway's directorial debut THE NOVICE, the sci-fi tragedy SWAN SONG, Guillermo Del Toro's film noir remake NIGHTMARE ALLEY, and Ryƻsuke Hamaguchi's award-winning DRIVE MY CAR!

Give it a listen!

The Lost Daughter - 8:16 
The Novice - 22:50 
Swan Song - 30:58 
Nightmare Alley - 42:32 
Drive My Car - 53:28 
Spider-Man: No Way Home (mild spoilers) - 1:14:44 
Spider-Man: No Way Home (full spoilers) - 1:29:08 
Review Round-Up - 2:00:50

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