Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Critically Acclaimed #130 | Joel Schumacher, Ian Holm, You Should Have Left, Wasp Network, A Whisker Away, Mr. Jones, 7500, You Don't Nomi, Disney's Robin Hood

CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED returns with a giant-sized mega episode!

Film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold pay tribute to the careers of director Joel Schumacher and actor Ian Holm, and then review the new releases YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT, WASP NETWORK, A WHISKER AWAY, MR. JONES, 7500 and YOU DON'T NOMI!

And this week on THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED STREAMING CLUB, Bibbs and Witney take a trip to DISNEY PLUS and explore the beloved yet remarkably cheap and shabby animated classic ROBIN HOOD, which may be wonderful or may just be weird!

Give it a listen!

Joel Schumacher - 2:47
Ian Holm - 20:29
You Should Have Left - 28:50 
Wasp Network - 41:40 
A Whisker Away - 50:57 
Mr. Jones - 57:43 
7500 - 1:04:31 
You Don't Nomi - 1:11:56 
Disney's Robin Hood - 1:28:22 

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Top Photos: Warner Bros.

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