Saturday, October 17, 2020

Canceled Too Soon #199 3/4 | The Ghost Busters (1975)

Before Ivan Reitman's GHOSTBUSTERS, Filmation had a live-action series called THE GHOST BUSTERS, starring Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch from F-TROOP, as supernatural investigators with a pet gorilla and a serious case of the sillies!  


William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold are about to find out, as our annual SCARYTOBER event continues! 

Give it a listen!

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  1. I don't think Ackroyd saw or knew about 1975 show, his original script was named Ghost Smashers and it went in outer space, other dimensions with a sentient car (which ironically, Filmation's cartoon would use those tropes). That script was done in January of 1983. By June of 1983, the "Ghostbusters" first script was done and was co-written by Harold Ramis with help from Ivan Reitman. So, one of those two came up with the name.

    Also, Colombia released the movie even though Filmation's lawyer had sent a notice. The lawsuit was then filed. Colombia settled I believe. Lou in an interview said he forgot about the rights to any animation and he also thought he was being nice about the 1 percent of net profits. In 40 years, Ghostbusters still hasn't made a profit.

    Fun fact: part of Forrest's and Larry's deal with Filmation was daily liquor. Forrest started out with a case of beer and Larry wanted 1 or 2 gallons of wine. They would meet for breakfast every morning, breakfast consisting of the booze. Two weeks in, Forrest called Lou and told Lou no more beer, he wanted Jack Daniels. Find the book, Lou Scheimer: Creating the Filmation Generation which is Scheimer's 2012 autobiography. Apparently Lou and the two guys was good friends.

    CBS would have picked it up for a second season, but Shazam/Isis hour was more expensive to produce so the money went to Shazam/Isis which was number 1 in the ratings.

  2. Another thing, Columbia was sued by Harvey (Casper the Friendly Ghost company) and by Huey Lewis and the News, both accusing Columbia of copyright infringement.