Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Critically Acclaimed #146 | Hubie Halloween, The Trial of the Chicago 7, The 40-Year-Old Version, Theater of Blood, Let's Scare Jessica to Death and MANY More!

CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED is overflowing with films!   


Also this week on THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED STREAMING CLUB, Bibbs and Witney accept Vincent Price's invitation to the THEATER OF BLOOD, and wonder if they should go along with LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH!  

Give it a listen!

Hubie Halloween - 2:57 
Possessor - 19:37 
Yellow Rose - 25:20 
The Wall of Mexico - 30:03 
The 40-Year-Old-Version - 36:42 
Charm City Kings - 45:47 
The War With Grandpa - 50:48 
The Trial of the Chicago 7 - 59:05 
Black Box - 1:07:42 
Totally Under Control - 1:16:31 
American Utopia - 1:23:23 
Theater of Blood - 1:33:18 
Let's Scare Jessica to Death - 1:46:49 

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Photos: Netflix / MGM / Criterion


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