Thursday, June 14, 2018

William Bibbiani Reviews 'Tag'

Ed Helms, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Hannibal Buress and Jake Johnson star in "Tag," a new comedy about a group of middle-aged friends who have been played the same game over tag for decades. They wear disguises, infiltrate each other's businesses, and perform feats of acrobatic insanity just to declare each other "it." And when the game's undefeated champion announces his retirement, his friends will stop at nothing to tag him once and for all.

William Bibbiani says that "Tag" treats its childlike game like "an action-packed extravaganza, replete with elaborate fight choreography, acrobatic stunts, and twists and turns that would make serial killer Jigsaw nod in approval," but criticizes the film's inconsistent tone and genre, arguing that "it feels as though three or four different films are fighting for dominance."

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  1. Yeah, that's how I'd describe it too. While I enjoyed it I found their tone shifts and music choices quite puzzling. But, it's another good addition to this year's comedy.