Friday, March 6, 2020

Canceled Too Soon #181 | Jean-Claude Van Johnson (2016-2017)

Jean-Claude Van Damme is back, and this time he's a depressed has-been who nobody likes! JCVD stars in JEAN-CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON, a short-lived Amazon Prime action-comedy series in which action superstars like Van Damme are also secret super spies who use their movie productions as a cover for their covert missions!

It stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, it's from the creator of THE EXPENDABLES, and yet it couldn't last more than one season. Was JEAN-CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON... CANCELED TOO SOON?

Film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold pick apart every subversive and ridiculous joke to figure out what makes this weird, wonderful show work!

Give it a listen!

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