Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Iron List #5 | The Best Fantasy Movies Ever Made (That Aren't Blockbuster Franchises)

Every month on THE IRON LIST, the Patrons of the Critically Acclaimed Network get to pick a topic for a giant-sized episode! And this month, since we could all use a little escapism, they picked THE BEST FANTASY MOVIES EVER MADE (THAT AREN'T HIT FRANCHISES)!

Join film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold as they highlight the fantasy films that changed our lives and dazzled our senses, but that aren't part of billion dollar studio-driven film series like the live-action THE LORD OF THE RINGS, HARRY POTTER or CHRONICLES OF NARNIA films!

Give it a listen!

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1 comment:

  1. Love the list guys, however shame the main thing you were missing was the first I thought of when I saw the podcast's title, Fritz Lang's Die Nibelungen, the fundamental fantasy film in my opinion and now the full five hours are available on beautiful BluRay thanks to Eureka!

    Sticking with the silent era I may be in the minority I much prefer Raoul Walsh's The Thief of Baghdad, it may be 2 and a half hours yet it flies by and whoever did the special effects was the Ray Harryhausen of his era, just astonishing.

    Finally yes on PJ Hogan's Peter Pan, absolutely brilliant! However one correction Bibs, it came out the same week as The Return of the King, so unfortunately it didn't have the audience it deserved, but at least it has the fan following for those who are right to admire such a wonderful family film. (Embarrassing side note I always thought PJ Hogan was a female until a few years ago, I guess that's what you get from being a PJ Harvey fan as a teenager)