Monday, January 11, 2021

Your Critically Acclaimed | Ghostwriter - Who is Max Mouse? (The Rally FC Podcast)

Our Patrons have the power to sponsor an episode of CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED of their choice, and we call it YOUR CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED!  

This week it's a special episode hosted by R Clay Johnson! But rather than join us on our show, R Clay Johnson invited Witney Seibold and William Bibbiani onto their own!  

 R Clay Johnson hosts the RALLY FC podcast on the podcast feed THE FLYING COW! It's a show dedicated entirely to the 1990s cult kids series GHOSTWRITER, about a group of kids who solve mysteries and learn vocabulary words with the help of a disembodied entity that loves language.  

Bibbs and Witney join R Clay Johnson to talk about the four-part episode WHO IS MAX MOUSE?, where the kids learn all about 1990s computer hacking, and a young Julia Stiles shames her fellow students for not having read William Gibson's NEUROMANCER yet.  

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