Tuesday, July 3, 2018

William Bibbiani Reviews 'The First Purge'

The history of the shocking dystopia from "The Purge" franchise is finally revealed in "The First Purge," the prequel to the blockbuster horror franchise. It's the first attempt The New Founding Fathers have made to institutionalize an annual holiday where all crime is legal, and ground zero is Staten Island, where the locals are most indifferent until government-sponsored death squads show up to rain terror on the island and stir up the audience. 

In his review at The Wrap, William Bibbiani says that "The First Purge" is "a severe and potent allegory," although the film "de-escalates the violence to a notable degree" compared to the previous entries.

Read: William Bibbiani Reviews "The First Purge" at The Wrap

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