Friday, November 9, 2018

William Bibbiani Reviews 'Overlord'

A group of soldiers in World War II are tasked with destroying a radio tower, but discover something unspeakable in the catacombs beneath it. That's the plot of "Overlord," a horror story straight out of "Two-Fisted Tales," that combines WWII action movie tropes with mad scientist grotesqueries. Jovan Adepo ("Fences") and Wyatt Russell ("Goon: Last of the Enforcers") co-star, in a film directed by Julius Avery ("Son of the Gun").

In his review at The Wrap, William Bibbiani says "Overlord" is "one of the best video game movies ever made," even though it's not based on a video game, and praises the film's dynamic storytelling and visceral gore.

Read: William Bibbiani Reviews "Overlord" at The Wrap

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