Monday, November 30, 2020

Critically Acclaimed #152 | David Prowse, Hillbilly Elegy, Happiest Season, Lovers Rock, Zappa, Porno, The Christmas House, The Watermelon Woman

CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED has more movie reviews than you can shake a movie review at! 

This week, film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold review Ron Howard's new biopic HILLBILLY ELEGY, Clea DuVall's genre-defying queer rom-com HAPPIEST SEASON, Steve McQueen's partygoing LOVERS ROCK, Alex Winter's new documentary ZAPPA, the horror comedy PORNO, and the landmark Hallmark Christmas movie THE CHRISTMAS HOUSE

Also this week on THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED STREAMING CLUB, Bibbs and Witney explore Cheryl Dunye's indie classic THE WATERMELON WOMAN, and say goodbye to the late DAVID PROWSE!  

Give it a listen!

David Prowse - 3:46  
Hillbilly Elegy - 9:15  
Happiest Season - 25:05  
Lovers Rock - 40:08  
Zappa - 49:38  
Porno - 1:00:06  
The Christmas House - 1:08:16  
Review Round-Up - 1:18:38  
The Watermelon Woman - 1:24:14 

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