Sunday, December 16, 2018

Canceled Too Soon #128: 'Star Command' (1996)

You can learn a lot by watching mediocre television, and the forgotten UPN sci-fi pilot "Star Command" has a heck of a lot to teach us. This "Star Trek" knockoff stars Morgan Fairchild, Jay Underwood and Kelly Hu, and it's so unbelievably generic that it should have been called "Space Show: The Show."

But that doesn't mean it was bad! In fact, "Star Command" may have been CANCELED TOO SOON! In the latest episode of the podcast, William Bibbiani dip back into the "Star Trek" knockoff genre to figure out what "Star Command" was good for, where it would have gone if it lasted, and how virtual reality porn can be used to save the universe.

Give it a listen!

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Top Photo: UPN


  1. One i do remember about this- and that i do like is that the Rebel Ambassador who is clearly setup to be the shows big bad-the shows got out of its way to kind of way to humanize-and i like the detail that he and Chad Evert used to be rommantic rivals-and he was the guy who got the girl. For the one scene they had together it did seem a decnet little bit.

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