Wednesday, July 10, 2019

William Bibbiani Compares 'Midsommar' to Larry Cohen's 'A Return to Salem's Lot'

Ari Aster's acclaimed new horror thriller "Midsommar" is impressing audiences all over the world, but there's something familiar about its story of morally compromised anthropologists getting suckered into a deadly cult. No, it's got nothing to do with "The Wicker Man" or "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre," but it's eerily similar to Larry Cohen's forgotten and underrated "A Return to Salem's Lot!"

In his latest editorial for Bloody-Disgusting, William Bibbiani looks back at the "Salem's Lot" sequel to figure out what it does better than "Midsommar," and why "Midsommar" seems destined to be remembered instead.

Read: William Bibbiani Writers "Larry Cohen's A Return to Salem's Lot and Its Surprising Parallels to Midsommar" at Bloody-Disgusting!

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