Monday, October 1, 2018

Critically Acclaimed #47: The Universal Frankenstein Movies

Scarytober begins with the latest episode of Critically Acclaimed! This week we're reviewing all of the original, classic Universal Frankenstein movies, including the ones everyone love and the ones nobody watches anymore. Are they still horror classics, and what do they have to teach us about the way movies work now? 

Plus, we've got reviews of the new releases "Hell Fest," "The Old Man & the Gun," "Monsters and Men" and "All About Nina!"

Joining us this week is special guest M. Lopes da Silva, a writer and illustrator whose latest short story, "Seams," appears the new book "NightScript: Volume IV." You can also find her work in "Glass and Gardens: A Solarpunk Anthology," "The Dog Next Door and Other Disturbances," and many other fine publications!

Give it a listen at Podcast One!

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Top Photo: Universal Pictures


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